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I obtained my private pilot license in 2006. This site is dedicated to capturing little gems of knowlege I collected during training. Periodically I add items I find during research so that others might benefit from them. Please review the disclaimer at the bottom of this page.

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In 1999 a friend invited me to go flying and I was hooked. I live in the Bay Area about an hour south of San Francisco and fly out of Reid Hillview (KRHV). Please do get in touch and lets go fly!!

Saturday, April 01, 2006

First flight out - private pilot

The past two weeks have been low broken and overcast clouds with lots of vertical development. Today finally a one day break and I got a chance to take to the skies. I headed out to the airport around 2 pm and lifted off at 3pm for a flight down to Hollister 3O7. Relatively close to home, but just perfect for a Saturday afternoon fun ride. Two laps in the pattern and a stop over at South County E16 with 3 laps there to practice some soft field landings and once the wind kicked up one cross wind landing. After a total of 2 hours airtime a straight in arrival to 31L. What a blast. Amazing how quick we become flight junkies. I really had missed not being up there for two weeks.