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I obtained my private pilot license in 2006. This site is dedicated to capturing little gems of knowlege I collected during training. Periodically I add items I find during research so that others might benefit from them. Please review the disclaimer at the bottom of this page.

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In 1999 a friend invited me to go flying and I was hooked. I live in the Bay Area about an hour south of San Francisco and fly out of Reid Hillview (KRHV). Please do get in touch and lets go fly!!

Thursday, August 28, 2008

GPSed Track "home"

I'm experimenting with GPS tracking. A nice feature if you want friends and family to be able to track you. A potentially life saving one if things go wrong. The cheap skate in me is trying to use some of the tools I already have, so I loaded the free download on my backberry and tried it out. I'm still working on getting the kinks out. Right now the track cuts out after a few minutes, but it does deliver the tracks to the GPSed web page. I'll also embed a widget in this web site which just shows the latest reported location of the user.

View my new track "home" started in United States, California, Sunnyvale.

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