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Sunday, November 22, 2009

Pilot My-Cast: Stay Ahead of the Weather

Pilot My-Cast: Stay Ahead of the Weather Seems like a nice app for my blackberry. It's $10 a month and seems to provide a pretty good range of services.
Another app for the blackberry curve is AirWx Aviation Weather
Amazing that there aren't a ton of really good aps that would bring together all those free resources and leverage the curve's amazingly accurate GPS.
WXsys is a third choice, but it requires a subscription of almost $14/ month.
But, since it's free and I like how fast it loads on my blackberry, I'm going with Their standard briefing is very easy to set up on a mobile device. Weather graphics load incredibly fast and are visible even on my blackberry 8330 Curve. The site saves the last 5 requests as links so they are very fast to pop up. Say what you will about government agencies. The FAA really does have it's stuff together.


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