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Sunday, November 22, 2009

Taildragger Lesson #3 - Demonstration of the spin

Saturday was taildragger lesson number 3. The usual turns, stalls and a few landings. Dave demonstrated a spin and I'm trying to get my nerves up to fly one myself the next time we go up. Just in case you're wondering what a spin looks like, check out the above video. I just pulled it off YouTube since it's just a couple of rotations and was close to what we flew, although with the ground whirling around, who can count. Now to what it feels like. First it feels like a stall. The plane is dropping and at least to me it's that stomach in your throat kind of feeling. Once the spin stabilizes, it actually feels like you're flying again (well, one wing is). Not to bad, other than the ground in your face rotation ahead of you. Then comes the spin recovery and oddly that's the one I wasn't prepared for. You'll feel the G's pressing you into your seat as the plane recovers from pointing at the ground back to the horizon.


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